Monday, July 9, 2012

A Quick Look on Some of My Summer Shoes

The other night I was playing dress up when I noticed how my scattered shoes looked on the floor. I quickly grabbed my DSLR and took a shot. You´ll see here most of my summer shoes, ballet flats, sandals, some wedges and pumps, and well, some boots at the back which I´m planning to create summer looks with.

My husband noticed that I was able to come up with several summer outfits so he advised me to write down down. I followed his suggestion and realized how quickly I´ve forgotten the blends I´ve created. So writing down every look is actually a good idea.

My shoe collection is still humble. I´m basically starting to build it up again after leaving behind many of shoes in Bangkok. You know, I was working and living in Bangkok for so long my wardrobe has expanded there but I couldn´t move everything to Europe.

I´ve actually started this blog when I was still working as a teacher there and I´m happy that it´s still with me now that I now navigate a new life in a new country.

For this summer I´m loving colored and printed ballet flats and sexy wedge shoes. How about you? What type of summer shoes are you into?

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