Monday, October 1, 2012

The Coveted Solid Lip Clutch

solic lip clutch
You must have already seen some of your favorite fashion bloggers carrying a patent deep red lip clutch? I´m honestly a fan of this clutch trend, very unique and sophisticated.

But a real one costs quite some money, I recently found a cheaper alternative - sephorA Solid Lip Clutch for only $20. This sultry red clutch is great to accent a white, nude or black little dress, although I´m not limiting it only to those colors.

I haven´t grabbed myself a copy of this yet for I´m still debating if I´d take a replica that looks as good, or I´d go for a patent, original lip clutch. But if you like a clutch that´s sure to steal attention at such an affordable price, there are only thirteen pieces left in stock so you know what you´ve got to do. Have a great week ahead, darlings!

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