Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wear the Trend: Effortless Floral Shoulder Bag

Kate Spade Melinda Shoulder Bag

I always thought I´m not a trend freak but lately I´m starting to question it. Like my obsession with the floral trend. I love cute and bright florals from dresses to tops, jeans and shoes.

See: My Outfit Floral Pants Worn to A Flower Feast

But sometimes wearing florals from head to toe is overwhelming. If you´re a kind who simply wants to subtly inject this trend to a look instead of a screaming floral outfit, opt for a floral accessory, like this Kate Spade New York High Falls Melinda Shoulder Bag in floral.

I love this bag because its floral print isn´t over the top. It only has at most three colors in not shocking florals which makes it versatile to mix with other colors.

You can wear it as a complement to all white summer outfit, as a color pop to a neutral look, or to blend with other bright colors. But this bag is running of out stock soon, so if you like it, make sure to check it out quick.

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