Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What to Wear: Colorblock Skinny Pants

Washborn Colorblock Skinny Pants
Washborn Colorblock Skinny Pants

We really aren´t done with the colorblocking trend, no, not yet. Just when you thought that three tones at a time is starting to get dull, a new interpretation of the trend is again here - art form graphic colorblocking.

What I love about this graphic forms is that they´re all about emphasized lines which lengthens your vertical silhouette. Simply put, this trend isn´t just speaking colors, it makes you look taller too.

Take for instance this Washborn Colorblock Skinny Pants from Shopbop. It´s a three tone color block of orange, cream and navy blue with clear vertical lines. These pants will add length to your legs, making you look more leggy. To top it, add a pair of stilettos. Go for a nude top so not to overwhelm the look with too much colors.

There are plenty of other graphic colorblocks which you can choose from, dresses, tops, skirts and pants. But remember, choose the form that suits your height and figure.

If you´re petite, avoid wide horizontal graphic forms, they´ll make you look wider and even more shorter. Go for verticals. If you´re plus size, you´ll benefit more with slim and vertical lines. If you´re slim and you´d like to add width, then thick horizontal lines will help you.

So what do you thin of this trend? Are you into colorblocking? Would you love to wear a graphic colorblocked outfit?

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