Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Love Affair with Garment Bags

I have a lot of good stories to tell about garment bags and they´re all from my childhood. I first heard about these wonder bags when I was like nine years old while mom arranged her clothes, picking the best dresses to hang in her new garment bag.

She said that when she was younger and single, she had two garment bags full of beautiful dresses (she collected from her hard earned money as a sales lady in one of the biggest shopping malls in Cebu) were stolen from her boarding room. She´ve never forgotten those dresses.

I always looked up my mom´s garment bags hanging in my parents room. I too wished that when I grow up, I´d have my own garment bag to fill with pretty dresses just like my mom.

Fast forward many years later and that dream didn´t really materialized for since I got my first job, I was blessed to have a closet where I could hang my dresses. But this didn´t ease my fixation towards hanging my own garment bag at all. I remembered giving in to this fixation at some point, I purchased a garment bag to hang in my room at my parents´ house shortly before I went abroad.

For girls who live in smaller apartment places with not enough room for a complete closet, I believe that opting for wholesale garment bags is practical. Getting yourself two or three garment bags to hang in the corner of the room saves more space (and money) while still protecting your clothes.

So what do you think of garment bags? Have you ever saved your dresses in a gorgeous garment bag?

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