Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nike Shoes From JDSports Product Review

When I was asked if I could review a product from JDSports, I was torn between a pair of women's sports shoes and a chic and sporty training bag. I solicited my husband´s opinion and he urged me to have the shoes. The trainers come in white and black.

I thought to take the black but hubby once again urged me to take the white. I was less impressed with the white on the photo but hubby explained to me that white always look better than black. I thought I better listen to the expert when it comes to sports shoes, someone who´s got a big collection of it, so I went for the white.

nike womens shoes JDsports

But when it came, I hugged and kissed my husband for how many times for urging me to pick the white. Look just how beautiful it is! The photo on the website did not give justice to its real beauty at all. Its neon green against the white combination is just perfect. From the striking neon green laces, the complementary neon yellow green color sprinkled on the right places to its check reflectors on the sides, I´m totally in loved! It´s very light, soft and comfortable to wear.

Nike Lunarglide+ 4 is retailed at £90. As I´ve said, it´s available in white/neon green and black/fireberry. The only thing I have about the shoes is, it has no room allowance. My shoe size is 36 and sure the size 3 fits like a glove, but when it comes to exercising and running, I need a 0.5 allowance. The next size available on the site is 4, which is 37 1/2 in UK size, and is quite big for me. So basically, I chose the size 3, exactly 36 UK size, but I can´t wear the shoes to the gym because it won´t be too comfy when I´m to do the drills.

 But this actually isn´t a big issue to me because these Nike runners are too fancy for the gym anyway, I´m looking forward to creating chic street outfits with it.

All in all I´m really happy and satisfied with the shoes. I highly recommend it to all stylish sporty ladies out there. If you intend to wear your pair to exercise, however, I suggest going for a half size bigger to really make the most of it.

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