Monday, August 6, 2012

Sexy Printed Criss Cross Neck Dress To Steal My Heart

I´m a self-confessed shoeholic and I know that I´m one because if I´m to choose between a fabulous pair of shoes and a fabulous dress, I´d take the shoes.

And yet, I know if the dress is really beautiful, it makes me not leave without having it.

As I was writing the post about Miranda Kerr´s style today at the blogazine, I came across this ultra-sexy printed dress with criss cross neck.

I knew I have to talk about it here. You see, doing what I do expose me to all the many fabulous and beautiful pieces a woman can have. If I didn´t learn to control my itch to shop, I would have been broke since day 1.

I´m glad I have this blog where I can vent about all the wonderful fashion pieces that make my heart skip a bit. At least you know what I´m currently coveting and that I don´t have to buy all of them. I can talk about them.

But really, should I buy this? Women's Zotia Printed Criss Cross Neck Dress is on sale for 30% off. Used to be worth $138, this printed dress is now sold at $95. You´d save a good $42.

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