Thursday, August 9, 2012

TATCHA Product Review- Skin Ritual of the Geishas

As I’ve always said, taking care of your skin is a priority for any woman. However, it can be very hard to find the right product that is appropriate for your skin type and be free of harsh and synthetic chemicals. So, when TATCHA asked me to review their all-natural skin care products, I couldn’t resist.

Combining ancient geisha beauty secrets with three skin-enhancing anti-oxidants (Red Algae, Greet Tea and Rice Bran extracts), TATCHA developed a skin ritual that will leave your skin feeling clean and renewed. They sent me products that were tailored to my Dry and Sensitive skin. The Japanese ancient geisha ritual consists of four steps:

  • Pure. I removed my makeup using their One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil using dry hands and a dry face. This seemed a little odd since I am so used to washing my makeup off with soap and water. As soon as I tried it, I knew this was the superior way to clean my face. The cleansing oil gently removed all my makeup without over-drying my skin.
  • Polished. After removing my makeup, I combined the Rice Enzyme Powders with a little water to create gentle exfoliant. The delicate powder deep cleaned my skin and removed all debris and dead skin cells. After a few days of using this, I noticed all my blackheads were gone.
  • Radiant. After exfoliating my face and drying, I applied the Deep Brightening Serum which added instant moisture and radiance. After 4-8 weeks of use, existing age spots will begin to lighten.
  •  Supple. After applying the serum, I used the Moisture Rich Silk Cream which added even more moisture (very necessary for my dry skin). This product left my face with a weightless look and feel of silk (like the geishas). I also used the cream in the morning as a primer.
These steps may seem like a lot to remove makeup and clean skin, but they go by fast and really work. I’ve tried numerous different facial skin products and the TATCHA products are by far my favorite. My skin has not felt this clean and soft since I was a baby!

Another great product TATCHA offers is the Aburatorigami (Japanese beauty papers). They are wonderful to have on hand during the summer to remove excess sweat and oil on the go. Every bride and bridesmaid should have these to ensure they don’t look blotchy on the big day. 

I think why TATCHA’s products are superior is because of their innovative philosophy on skin care. They believe in an ancient theory that the skin is brilliant at healing itself. The natural concentrated bioactive ingredients in their products provide the nourishment the skin needs to replenish itself with little to no irritation.

I would definitely recommend TACHTA’s skin care products to any woman seeking to improve their skin. Check out their website to see all their products that are also available for Oily and Normal skin types and start on a geisha skin journey!

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  1. i love tatcha products, they are really amazing! :)

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