Thursday, September 27, 2012

Currently Coveting: Opening Ceremony Satchel

I saw this Opening Ceremony satchel from my facebook´s homepage shared by Shopstyle and I was totally smitten. It´s not just any satchel, it has the perfect color of my favorite light blue.

But upon checking it out and saw the price, a staggering €1,271, it quickly dawned on me, it´s not for me. But it didn´t stop me from admiring it, anyway. But that´s all i can do, admire. I don´t have the money to splurge and even if I have the cash in my bank account, I can´t spend it for just a bag, not at this point of time at least.

But if you´re one of those blessed, rich girls, check it out at You can actually purchase it at installment basis, just pay the initial deposit, €636. Goodluck!

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