Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Wear an Animal Print Cashmere Cardigan

In my article, Three Things You Need to Know About Animal Prints, one tip that I discussed there on how to wear this very trendy print is by teaming it with bright colors.

Gone are the days when people thought that animal print is a very wild print thus the only pieces you could wear with it are dark neutral shades. Well, no! In fact, it is already widely accepted that animal print, in itself is a neutral, thus it´s safe to wear it with just ANYTHING!

That said, take a look at this leopard print cashmere cardigan I found from Lord and Taylor and see how the model wore it - with a hot red skirt. The bright red skirt actually let the animal print shine it. It didn´t suppress the print, not at all, instead, it made the leopard print do all the talking.

You don´t really need to wear lots of jewelries for this look. This is the time to apply less is more.

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