Monday, September 17, 2012

In His Arms and Floral Print Dress

Here is a sweet photo of me and my hubby taken last August, exactly a year since I moved here in Europe and a year since hubby and I lived together. I know I haven´t said it before but the earlier part of our marriage was actually spent long distance, me completing my work contract in Bangkok and he, going back to his work while processing my papers.

I haven´t shared this photo at the blogazine simply because I felt it´s a personal one and I know it belongs here, at my personal style blog, yay!

Here, we´re standing at our main door. We basically just got back from church during this time which explains why I look a little conservative in this green dress with floral dots. It´s actually a spaghetti strapped dress which I added a cropped bolero cardigan. Hubby wore a blue long-sleeve shirt with black trousers.

I really like this photo, what about you?


  1. Awww this is just too sweet my dear... Im so happy for the both of you!!!i miss visiting your blog... And now this will become my nightly habit.,,


  2. this is gorgeous! i love that dress too!!



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