Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snake Print Skirt and A New Hair Cut

snake print skirt
Hi girls! I recently had my hair cut short. With all honesty, I didn´t mean it to be this short, I wanted it shoulder length with a U-shade at the back, meaning, the back should be a little longer and a little shaggy.

It´s my first time to have my hair cut since I moved here in Europe last year. Despite my newly learned german language, the friseur was unable to give me what I wanted. She chopped and chopped my hair too short in front while the back was too thick and straight. On side view, it looked like I had a thick tail at the back of my head.

 It was that bad that I had to return it for more chopping. Thus my hair gone a lot shorter that I would wish it to wear.

 My husband likes the hair but he says it makes me look matured, which only added to my sadness.

I paid 25euro for the cut which converts to 1000baht. In Bangkok, I´d already get a nice hair cut and a rebonding for that price. The hair cut there is only 50baht. I know, I shouldn´t be converting, but I just can´t help myself. I didn´t let out this rant at the blogazine, you know, I don´t want to sound like a big complainer, but since this is a personal blog, at least I can rant here.

Anyway, because I had friends asking to see how my new hair looked, I did an outfit post with this snake print skirt I had for a while now which was never used until this photo shoot. See more of the photos here -  My Outfit – Mustard Turtleneck, Fur Vest, and Snake Print Skirt.

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