Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why I Love Vintage

photo credit: weheartit
My love for vintage is deep rooted from my childhood. I clearly remember my moms huge closet of dresses from the 60s and 70s. She kept and preserved them well. As early as grade five, I was already at the receiving end of my mom´s not-for-keep vintage clothes. It continued until high school. If she didn´t like the dress anymore, she´d tell me I should have it because it´s currently on trend.

My mom has pretty much played a role on my appreciation to things vintage. So when I got to college, with more freedom but less budget, I turned to vintage market for my fashion needs. I was a favorite customer to the biggest vintage stores in our city. The good thing about it is, whenever new products arrived, I was quikly informed via text messages. And before the best pieces ran out, I was first in line to grab the prettiest ones.

When I got married, I wanted to decorate our house with some vintage & antique pieces but this surprisingly clashed against my husband modern and trendy taste. He wanted a very modern look while I preferred old antques. My husband eventually won because he already had purchased modern sofa and furnitures and adding antique pieces to the house would just not fit. So right now, I simply content myself with working with vintage pieces through my wardrobe.

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