Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cool Women´s Oakley Products: The Edgy Sunglasses

Oakley Dart Women´s Sunglasses
I love shopping but there are two things I dread to shop - sunglasses and eyeglasses. Even though I knew I had eye problem, I denied it for quite a while, four years in exact, because I dread shopping for my first eyeglasses. The reason was that even though there are many options for eyeglasses out there, searching for the perfect one is difficult, it´s like searching for the perfect boyfriend.

This applies to sunglasses too. I´m really picky because not a lot of styles and forms suit my face. I also look for something that is polished and not overly trendy. This plight was resolved when I discovered the perfect shape and frames that work best for my face.

As I was looking through Oakley products, I was impressed by how their sunglasses and eyeglasses embody the qualities that I´m looking for - adventurous and polished. I love the thought that Oakley brand doesn´t fit itself just within the box, it rejects conventional ideas and isn´t afraid to redefine what is possible in creating sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Their Oakley Dart women´s sunglasses is what amuse me the most and I agree, it´s probably one of the coolest women shield sunglasses available out there. It comes with sleek lines and was made with comfort in mind. This isn´t for the faint of heart, only for those naturally edgy.

I believe no matter how edgy this Oakley Dart, it doesn´t suit me. But I can´t really tell. So it surprised me that the site also allows their costumers to have a virtual try-on. You can upload your photo, put on the shades on the eye area, then decide if it looks good on you or not. For me, it really is not. But it´s okay because all along I know that the best sunglasses for me is something similar in style to Oakley Disguise, with curves on the right places, simple shape and yet flattering.

Shopping for eyewear is even more difficult if you do it online but with optical online shops like Oakley, you have the tools you need to decide which products is perfect for you.

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