Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to Wear Gorgeous Lilac Pumps

My mom told me that when she was pregnant of me, she loved bright colors and she surrounded herself with every beautiful colors possible. That´s her explanation on why I´m a big fan of bright colors. But for me, it´s all about feeling refresh, upbeat, and young.

I found this lilac suede pumps at Amazon, I know it´s purely a beauty because it took my breath away. And as if to confirm my adoration, it´s almost sold out, my shoe size empty and it´s only now available in size 8 and 8.5, and still in a very less number of pairs left.

Kelsi Dagger Women's Karmine Pump, Lilac Suede, $109.65
To console myself, I created a look board for it. This is how i´d wear this Kelsi lilac pumps - in colorblocked! The way to maximize it´s beautiful color is by teaming it with other brights, but this time, I opted more pastel shades. Yeah, I´m still not done with pastel and colorblocking trends. What about you?

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