Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leopard Print Necktie Worn to a Mental Maths World Cup

Earlier this evening I and my husband drove for over two hours back and forth to see the Mental Calculation World Cup 2012 held at Gießen, Germany. We went there not really because we so wanted to see the tournament (although I can also use some mental calculation techniques given that I myself is a Maths teacher), but because I wanted to meet George Lane, a three times Mental Calculation World Champion, who´s a long time virtual friend of mind since 2007, and who also happen to participate in this World Cup.

I did not want to look too fashionable for this event, you know, great Mathematician are rarely fashionable, so I opted for something simple and low key. The event is all about Maths and nothing about fashion anyway. I went for a white collared shirt layered over with a dark sweater, blue jeans, and well, a leopard print necktie!

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