Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To Die For - Pour La Victoire Women's Ravel Ankle Boot

Pour La Victoire Women's Ravel Ankle Boot
I´m sure you´d agree with me that this colorblock wedged boot in black and teal is so adorable. I´m a big fan of teal, it´s my second favorite color after blue, which in itself is a mixture of blue, white, green, or something.

Even if these boots are a little expensive, $295 at Amazon, I would seriously consider buying a pair for me. The problem is, they´re not available in my size. So I probably will take my time looking for an exact copy which is size 36.

Although I was initially fearful of wedged boots before, thinking they might be difficult to navigate, when my husband gifted me a wedge ankle boot with fur, I realized they´re not hard to wear at all. In fact, they´re comfortable.

I´d wear this Pour La Victoire with a little black dress or black shorts. I would always highlight its beauty by teaming it with minis.

How about you, what do you think of this two-tone, black/teal wedge boots? How would you wear it?

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