Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dresses I Covet: Embroidered, Printed, and Leather Insert

Hello girls! Here are three dresses that I currently covet - embroidered dress, paisley print dress, and leather insert dress. As you know, embroidery and leather insert are hot trends this season. The current paisley print on the other hand is a modernized version of this historical print.

Embroidered Dress, Printed Dress, Leather Insert Dress
Now, not because I love them necessarily means I could get them, and it isn´t always about cash. Read on to know why.

  • Women's Ladylike embroidered dress - I love the flattering cut of the dress and the fact the the embroidery is at the top is see-through. It´s sensual and subtly flirty. Of course I suggest wearing a nude or black tank top under it to maintain modesty. It only needs a pair of black classic pump to complete a polished look. Unfortunately, this dress isn´t available in small anymore, which is my size. 
  • Women's Straight cut printed dress - I find this dress really adoring not just because of its print - paisley which is both historical and controversial - but also because of its cut, a mini and a straight cut which offers comfort and effortless easy movement. The only thing is, I don´t find it available in and buying it from .com means lots of heavy taxes to pay.  
  •  David Lerner Women's Strapless Leather Insert Dress - so here´s the third dress that I´m really fancying right now. I love its leather insert style which is quite a big trend this season. It´s available in two colors - black and gray, and black and cream. I prefer the latter because it embodies more the concept of optical illusion dresses which accentuate your curves. The only problem I have about this dress is it´s strapless with featured cleavage v-shape. I know it´s really sexy for busty women but not for me. I´m not so gifted in this area.
So there go the reasons why I can´t have these fabulous dress that I so adore. But maybe you could. Let me know.

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