Friday, November 30, 2012

My Outfit: White Jeans and Riding Boots for Winter

Last week, Opa celebrated his 90th birthday and we visited him at the home for the aged to join the celebration. I wore a purple cardigan over a white sweater, white skinny jeans, brown riding boots, and ruffled dark brown scarf. I pulled the entire look with an ivory trench coat which is not seen in the picture.

With me in the photo is my husband wearing some hoodies, black scarf, and jeans. His style is very much casual and boyish.

You probably won´t believe it but I love wearing white in fall and winter. I love teaming white with bright colors under a cozy winter coat. If you need inspirations on how to do this, check out my post,3 Ways to Wear White in Winter and Still Feel Cozy.

I also wore white jeans with bright jacket during fall, see the look here,My Outfit: Mango Military Jacket, White Jeans, & Leopard Boots.

If you too are into wearing white in fall and winter, let me know how you style it.

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