Friday, November 16, 2012

Red Trench Coat Outfit for Fall

Colored coats were trending when I got this red trench coat from Mango last year. It´s cute and polished but it´s made only for fall. It isn´t thick enough for very cold winter days. But even for late fall, this red trench coat won´t be as resistant if not done with double layering under it. Here´s how I wore it.

The classic trench coat is made trendier with vibrance, and although there are other colors that fancy me such as blue, I made sure I picked the red first because it exudes confidence. I´d like to look like I´ve got it.

So for a very chilly day, I layered it with two sweaters under with the pink sweater peeking out on the neck. I also wore double tights in wool to ensure that my legs have enough warmth, and I finished off the look with brown lace up boots.

I got this leopard winter hat from a window shopping spree I and hubby had one afternoon and it turned out to be perfect with the entire look. In order to not overwhelm with colors, I opted for black knitted scarf to wrap around my neck, it was definitely very cold out there.

What do you think of my outfit? How do you wear red trench coat for late fall?

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