Thursday, January 17, 2013

My New Year Outfits and My Little Lovely Cat

Hello lovelies! I was sick from Christmas to New Year and until now I´m still battling bronchitis, which is the reason I´ve been a little bit slow in blogging lately other than my effort to maintain the blogazine - it´s my main source of income. But even if it´s late, I still wish you a happy new year and a bountiful 2013 full of blessings, good health, and happiness.

For this year, I have set two goals. First is to achieve more blogging success, and second is to stay happy. I recently realized that unless I´m truly happy, I can´t be productive enough to achieve my goals.

winter outfit

The greatest gift I received last Christmas is a pet. His name is Orange and is a very sweet, playful, smart, and sometimes naughty cat. He makes me and my hubby really happy and he makes winter bearable for me.

As you can see in the photo above, he loves playing with laces. He also loves playing with balls with bell inside and when he does, he looks like playing football. Because he´s a boy with somehow overwhelming testosterone, he always wants to play wrestling. We have to wear thick gloves if we wrestle with him, otherwise our hands and arms will be full of scratch wounds.

multi colored long scarf

Here´s another photos of me and Orange. My husband was actually trying to get some photos of what I wore (indoor because I´m still too sick to go out in the cold) but our cat was also posing at my feet. Thus I said, "forget about it, get me and my boy a photo together!"

Happy new year once again everyone, looking forward to a great weekend!

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