Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zag Along Teal and Ivory Striped Dress Stole My Breath

I seriously dropped everything, and by everything I meant the articles I´ve been writing, when I saw this dress. It simply is so beautiful and I know I have to write about it here. Quickly!

This Zag Along Teal and Ivory Striped Dress makes me year for spring all the more. While it´s freezing and snowing heavily over here, of which going out terribly burdens me, this pretty in teal and ivory dress makes me dream of warmer weather so I can once again wear dresses.

Stripes is back as a trend for spring but while I find black and white monochrome stripes a very polished pattern, I think that zigzag stripes, especially if it´s in vibrant color, is more fun.

Wear the dress with a pair of classic ivory pumps or if you´re lucky to find one, teal pumps.

For $49, a silky woven shift dress featuring teal zigzag stripes is truly a speed-to-grab!

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  1. Love the look and the colors are perfect. Frigid and possible ice-snow here!! You have brightened my day!

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