Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cute Rose Dot Mini Skirt Stole My Heart

Rose Dot Skirt on Sale
If animal print is my most favorite print, then polka dot is the second. Tonight, just before I call it a day, I found this oh-so gorgeous rose dotted mini skirt and it´s on sale! Really, look for yourself how fabulous this number is.

But before the skirt, let me tell you a bit about my latest lil´ vice. At the end of the day, when I´m very tired and before I close my laptop, I visit my fave online stores and see what´s on sale. This started a couple of months ago out of boredom which hit me one evening. And then lo! I got hooked! I now find myself always checking for products on sale at the end of the day.

This beautiful skirt is one of my sale shopping finds. And guess what? The problem about shopping for discounted products is getting your size. Always, when I find a great item I seriously would love to get, my size which 32 or XS is always sold out. And that´s what happened to this skirt. It´s at this time when I´d regret, why I didn´t find it earlier? Why I didn´t check for it when it wasn´t yet on sale? Probably I would have gotten my size and I really wouldn´t mind paying for its original price if it´s this gorgeous.

Sigh, sigh, and sigh! This is already the second skirt that I missed. Expect for insomnia tonight, it´d surely take a whole night before I forget this skirt. If I´m unlucky, it takes weeks before I get my head off an item I so fancy but I didn´t get.

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