Thursday, March 28, 2013

Multi-Colored Swimsuit for Summer Holiday

In a matter of four months, I and my husband will be on a really big summer vacation. I say it´s big because we really look forward to it. We´re visiting Thailand once again, the country which bears all the memories of our love story.

It´s been two years since I left the country to move here in Europe to join my husband. You know, even if I´m not a Thai, I´m a Filipina, the country has become my second home. I so missed the food, and the shopping malls. Of course, I miss my friends there too. I´ll definitely be doing lots of shopping. Yehey!

But more than just shopping, we´ll be spending most of our holiday dipping in the countries´ most fabulous beaches such as in Phuket, Koh samui, Rayong, Pathaya, and more! That means I´ll be packing enough swimsuits for all the swimming.

If you could remember the last swimsuit that I reviewed here, the Gypsy Lingerie, it´s included in the list of what I´ll be wearing in the beach. Mind you, I haven´t worn it yet.

There is something in printed swimsuits that fancy me, I find them more interesting and more fun to wear. Take for instance this multicolored bandeau top and hipster, they´re so fab the print almost looked like animal print. You know, animal print is one of the hottest swimsuit trends this year.

I´m also particularly a fan of two piece swimwear not only because it suits my body type, I also find it more comfortable to wear than a one piece. Hipsters and boy leg bottoms are my fave too. If you´re wondering what swimsuit is best for your body type, see Where to Shop the Perfect Swimsuits for Your Body Type.

Where are you vacationing this summer? What swimsuits are you wearing at the beach?

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