Friday, April 5, 2013

Adorable Black and White Polka Dot Platform Heels

I have just published the article about new ways to wear polka dot for summer at the blogazine. While scanning online boutiques for gorgeous dotted items, I found this babe, a black and white polka dot platform heel. It´s very gorgeous, isn´t it? And it´s also affordable! When it comes to wearing it, you have varied options.

If you want to create the season´s monochrome trend, then team it up with a black or white dress, or any mix as long as you stick with the black and white idea.

You can also wear it with a colored dress, whether it´s a hi-low, a fit and flare, or a with colored pleated mini skirt. You even clash it with other prints such as black/white stripes or dark florals. Emmy Rossum´s mono print clash outfit is a great example.

If you´re really daring, you can also match this polka dot heel with my candy crush rose dotted mini skirt. If you do this however, make sure to go for a white top to balance the entire look.

What do you think of this fabulous polka dot shoe?

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