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Probably, the only people that evaluate kids fashion as much as haute couture wear are their moms. It is essential if parents can afford it.

Moreover, baby fashion exhibitions became more and more popular these days, as numerous brands of kids’ clothing appear in department stores, open their boutiques and present online shopping tools to the benefit of young mommies, and, in addition, have a chance to introduce their new collections alongside everyday items on the baby fairs.

Baby Fashion Is Conquered by Famous Designers

Yes, in very deed there are numerous designers that work in a field of kids’ clothes besides creating true masterpieces of outfit. One of the vivid examples is the first ever Global Kids Fashion Week, which took place in London on March 19-20th.

It was a terrific event that warmly welcomed not only celebrities, but their kids as well! It turned out, they are as fashion forward, as their famous parents. 20 children showed catwalks collection to recognizable music hits of previous decades. Among those labels, which penetrated into the world of baby fashion, there were Little Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Chloe, Junior Gaultier, Levi’s, Kenzo, Paul Smith Junior, Tommy Hilfiger and many-many others. One more thing to note is that all the profits were transferred to charity funds.

Traditional Sales Exhibitions

Regardless the debut of Kids Fashion Week, specific baby fairs and childrenswear exhibitions are more popular and conventional these days. It is no surprise that price affordability is a main factor why parents search for upcoming events. In Europe and in the United States such arrangements are conducted on a regular basis, being introduced in various forms.

It might be a show of some label, engaged in kids’ clothes manufacture, or it may be a large exhibition that features both stylish wear for babies and kids and everyday items necessary for moms and infants. They are more visited and, specifically, volunteered. Young parents are recommended to attend the so-called kids consignment sales, where unique kids’ items are donated and purchased. Such events work to the benefit of both sales networks, especially pillars of local baby fashion, and shoppers.

Children grow fast and consequently new wear is always needed. In the US such sales exhibitions offer a wide range of clothes, baby gear, furniture, toys, which might be obtained on reasonable prices. All in all, it works for parents’ budget.

Promoting Baby Fashion 

It is also interesting to know that baby exhibitions are held not only in world known fashion spots, like London, Paris or New York, but it happened to be in trend in Eastern Europe and Asian countries.

To demonstrate this tendency in real, one should pay attention to Baby Fashion in Kiev, which was arranged last September and raised significant popularity in Ukrainian fashion business. Children clothing brands from more than 20 countries demonstrated their collections, marking their stylish look and price affordability.

At present, Baby Fashion is organized twice a year in business-to-business model (B2B), but its main goal is to promote baby fashion in Ukraine as a separate field of fashion industry. More precisely, Kyiv follows the example of global leaders.

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