Monday, April 1, 2013

How A Beret Hat Adds Attitude to a Cool Outfit

It´s not always that I admire daily outfit features in TeenVogue otherwise called "Look of the Day". But today´s neons and neutrals mix by Victoria R. Of New Jersey is a real thing. It´s something truly stylish.

The blend of colors, the layering, and the use of accessories are done right. She definitely put a thought on the ensemble. The sweater that peaks under a jacket is colorblocked. She wore a blue shirt under the sweater. Her beret hat and jacket are of the same color. The white pants gave balance to all the colors, while the fuchsia suede pumps gave a chic complement to the colorblock sweater.

The beret is definitely the highlight of the look. You can´t imagine how much a great hat can do to an already chic outfit, it elevates everything to a much higher level.

I also like Victoria´s personality, she doesn´t want her style to be predictable so she tries different things. I totally agree with her. There´s nothing more boring than reading a fashion blog and expecting the blogger to wear another long girly skirt. Surprises are what make styling really fun.

So if you haven´t got a great beret hat yet, it´s probably time to do the hunting.

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