Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How Blake Lively Designs Her Kitchen

Every woman dreams to have her own home and to style it according to her taste. Blake Lively was recently featured in Elle Decor. She talked about her new home and especially about decorating her kitchen, the most important part of her home. Her oven is the centerpiece of the kitchen, custom made by La Cornue. She initially thought of choosing the ovens in fuchsia or oxblood,but eventually settled with blue. Blue is my favorite color and I definitely like her choice. It´s fresh to the eyes and the combination is just classic.

She says in styling her home and kitchen, she has no rules. She goes by instinct and actually does trial and error. She wants things to be unique, classic and elegant. She looks for things that are rarely seen anywhere else. 

I couldn´t wait to see the final result of her home once everything is done. You can read about her interview here.

Blake Lively´s kitchen made me think of my own kitchen. Mine is way lot simpler. I have an oven with four burners, a dish washer, a sink, a ref, and built in cabinets. It´s color is red, something I´m not really very happy about although it isn´t bad. I was still Asia when hubby ordered the kitchen and he chose it in red because he wanted it to be different. Most kitchens in the catalogs were white, beige, or wood print.

The print beige wall paper is can still make do but I want to change it soon, too. My kitchen badly needs a renovation but were doing it one at a time. We´re currently still working on our living room.

Indeed, it´s a woman´s dream to style her house the way she wants it and it´s a big favor if the resources are there. What about you? How do you style your kitchen? Is it as luxurious as Blake Lively´s?

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