Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Self Storage Can Help You In Between Moves

You wouldn´t realize how self storage can help you unless you´re in between moves or you´re moving to a much smaller space, whether temporarily or permanently. Oftentimes, you can´t bring everything and you can´t just throw most of your stuff either. It is even tougher if you´re moving to another country and you need to take the plane. While you can send your stuff through cargo packaging, you sometimes need a better option.

A year and a half ago I had to move from Bangkok, Thailand, to Germany to join my new husband. I lived in Bangkok for over six years so I had accumulated too many things and most of them were important to me. They included books and clothing.

My husband fetched me so together we could carry with us about 60-80 kls in our flight. The most important books I sent via Fedex international cargo. It costed me $620 for 50 kilos. The package would arrive in Germany in five to six working days. But 50 kls of books aren´t much. I still had a lot of other things to leave behind. Without my knowledge, the cargo company declared my package as commercial even if they knew it contained old books. Therefore Germany taxed me a total of €250 for my 50 kl. cargo. Imagine how much I spent in total for my fifty-kilo worth of old books?

It was too expensive for me to bring more. And because my friends´flats have limited space, I couldn´t leave some of my things to them. I had to throw away many of my beloved clothes, shoes and books.

It was during that time when I wished there was any available place to store my things for the meantime. I could have used a storage place such as the self storage with

Lok´nStore storage offers self storage spaces both for long term and short term durations. You also decide how much space you need. It´s a convenient and clean space to leave yout things. So if your flat is overcrowded and you need to store some possesions somewhere else, self storage is a great option.

We´re visiting Bangkok again this August for summer vacation, exactly two years after I left. If I had stored my things somewhere instead of throwing them, we could easily carry with us another 80 kls worth of my stuff back to Germany. Sigh!

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