Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leopard Tie Pants, Anyone?

If you read my blog even for a short time now, you´d quickly get the idea how much I adore animal print. When it comes to patterns and prints, nothing impresses me as much. So you can guess why this leopard tie pants ended up here, because they´re super fabulous!

But it´s not just the bold leopard dots sprinkled all over the pants that mesmerized me. I also like the slouchy style of it and the fun drawstring effect.

Teamed with a cute bright tee and worn tucked in, plus a pair of really gorgeous strapped sandals, you get a relaxed, perfect for summer outfit.

These pants are perfect for weekend events too. They´d also be great company to summer vacations such as my up-coming trip to Bangkok. If you´re going to work around the city however, make sure to swap the heels with flat, strappy sandals.

What do you girls think of this drawstring leopard pants?

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