Sunday, April 28, 2013

Looking for Statement Summer Shoes? Sergio Rossi High Fringe Sandals

Sergio Rossi High Fringe Sandals, $1,295.00

When I see gorgeous shoes such as this high fringed sandal by Sergio Rossi, I seriously wished I´m rich. But while it makes me drop my jaw, I´ve to remind myself, I´m still saving for a designer bag that´s a long time dream of mine. So I have to stay put for the mean time.

But just see how unique is this shoe. It features a daring combination of python and striped leather, setting its noticeable wild tone.

I imagine how gorgeous it´s going to look if teamed with white denim shorts and black/white tee worn tucked in. Ahh, so yummy!

Slipping into these fringe sandals is like experiencing the West in Nevada trend. Fringes are a hot trend for spring and summer.

What do you girls of this shoe? Is it something youßd be willing to invest on?

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