Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why I Need a Luxury Ski Holiday

Violin star and Olympic hopeful Vanessa Mae trains in Zermatt
I have never done skiing. I and my husband had planned to do it last winter but it didn´t push through because I was sick the entire winter season. I grew up in Asia and while I have enjoyed mountain hiking and rock climbing, skiing was not possible. Well, until I moved to Europe late in 2011.

I´m one of those who dread winter, I would rather stay cozy in the comfort of my home when it´s snowing. However, I also want to challenge myself. Two challenges that I´ve set to achieve are learning how to ski and skate.

We spend our summer vacation each year visiting places. We went to Paris last year and this year, we´ll spend our summer in Thailand. But we´ve also been thinking of spending our next winter in some luxury ski chalets.

I seriously hope that next winter, I would have a stronger immune system so that I´ll be fit enough to do my longtime dream, to learn how to ski like a pro.

I admit, probably one thing that holds me from actually pursuing this dream sooner is the fear factor. I´ve read a lot of those skiing incidents when a family´s happy vacation is turned into disaster. In particular, I was saddened by Natasha Richardson´s (Liam Neeson´s wife) skiing accident in Canada in 2009 which cost her life. She´s a favorite actress of mine and I really enjoyed her performance in Maid in Manhattan.

In order to handle this stumbling block, I read books on how to handle your fears. I realized that this fear is only psychological and that, while there have been accidents, there are way more successes in skiing. 

My husband knows how to ski and he also enjoys doing it. His support and encouragement help me a lot. We´re really looking forward to spend our next winter skiing. Although we haven´t decided yet which catered ski chalet holiday to take, we have Zermatt in our mind simply because we´ve been reading a lot of good reviews about it.

How about you? Do you enjoy skiing? Which luxury ski holiday would you recommend to a rookie?

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