Thursday, May 2, 2013

Earn Revenue from Your Calls, Use 0844 Numbers

Since I lived abroad eight years ago, I have always been mindful of my calls. I´m always on the lookout for ways to save money given that I have to make international calls whenever I want to speak to my parents and family.

There are many international card dials that cost cheaper more than half of that on normal landline telephone. These saving calling cards (as i call them) enable me to have a longer time to talk to my parents, we could catch up more and cover many topics in our chat. It feels like I´m just close to them.

When I moved here in Europe from Bangkok, my husband purchased sim cards for our cellphones, both from the same telephone company. When he calls me or I call him, it´s free of charge. Given that we always call each other, it really saves us a lot of money.

But while I´m particular when it comes to ways of saving money on phone calls, I haven´t heard about the cost of 0844 numbers until recently. I found out that you can generate a monthly rebate using a 0844 number from Telecoms World. The way I understood it, you will receive up to 4p per minute every time someone calls your 0844 number. I´m not certain however, if the person calling you is charged higher than normal. But I have a notion that it´s not the case.

0844 Numbers offers a revenue share to its users. It´s not only the Telecom that earns for each call made, the users also get a share of the income.

Interestingly, 0844 numbers are used by many big companies and organizations by all sizes in order to create additional income stream. But since the receiver of the call gets a cut, you probably have to think twice before returning a call.

In a way, 0844 numbers is also a form of a pseudonym. It is given as an alias to your registered phone number. It´s like giving you a sense of privacy and anonymity.

If you´re looking for ways to earn revenue for every phone calls you receive, whether it´s for private or business use, try the 0844 number from Telecoms World and receive rebates that is due to you.

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