Monday, May 6, 2013

Improve Your Brand´s Visibility Effectively with Shopper Marketing

As a pro blogger, my focus in building my online business is SEO marketing. There are too many companies available on-hire to improve the SEO standing of my websites that it becomes a pain to decide whose help to hire. But now that I consider branching my fashion website with a fashion retail shop, my focus has expanded. I try to understand how brands effectively market their products and how do they communicate with their consumers.

Shopper marketing is the process of understanding how your target consumers behave as shoppers and then you leverage this knowledge for the benefit of your brand. It includes in-store marketing activities as well as an overall integrated marketing approach. You identify possible opportunities to drive consumption and the type of shoppers who would consume your products.

But as a business owner especially for an online retail shop, there are just too many key things to handle. The two toughest yet most important keys for a brand´s success are online marketing and shopper marketing.

In my case, I plan to build a retail shop for high street fashion that caters the need of women in their twenties and thirties. So I need to understand what twenty and thirty something women actually want to wear, how much are they willing or capable to spend for clothes, and so on ... Can I manage all these by myself? How much time do I need to spend in research?

Fortunately, you don´t have to do all these by yourself, you can outsource people who are well-experienced in doing a specific type of marketing. So for a future small business owner like me who dream to someday make it big, it´s necessary to find the right marketers who can deliver effective marketing results with significant proofs of success.

Online and shopper marketing already crack my head, throw in the legal sides of putting up a business especially here in Europe and it already scare me. But it´s my dream to expand my fashion business. I´m already a pro in terms of online marketing and now I´m on my way to understanding the essentials of shopper marketing.

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