Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Birthday Outfit: Denim Jacket, Blue Knitted Tunic, Denim Shorts and Cowboy Boots

Yesterday was my birthday, I turned thirty. Yay! I was surprised that this is how it feels to be thirty, it feels exactly like twenty-five ... and twenty-six. I used to dread the day when my age drops the two in front, but it´s not as bad as I thought. Instead of fearing it, I´d like to embrace thirties. I´m excited for the many good things to come in the next ten years. I know I will enjoy it.

Instead of going for a typical dress birthday outfit, I went for non-traditional. Today at the blogazine I´m writing about how to wear denim jacket. True to what I write, I love wearing denim jacket.

Here, for my birthday attire worn to a shopping spree sponsored by my hubby and dinner afterwards, I layered a light washed denim jacket with blue knitted tunic top, matching light washed denim shorts, rose pink infinity scarf, and brown, tall cowboy boots.

I had a simple, quiet celebration for my birthday, just me and my husband. No big parties and stuff ... thus a casual look suffice.

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