Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Casual Outfit, Brown Shorts, for a Stroll in the City

Yesterday was warm and sunny and we took advantage of it, we spent the evening strolling the city. I was happy that before my husband drove home from work, he gave me a call telling me that he´s picking me up and we´ll drive to the city. It was simple yet loving gesture from him.

The problem with people who work from home is that they rarely get to go out the house. That´s true with me. I sit in my computer working and before I knew it, it´s already evening. Then I´d prepare the dinner and after that, the day is almost over. My husband does his best to encourage me to go out. I like it because when I get to spend time outside, walking around, I feel recharged.

I wore a very casual look - white graphic tank top, gray lightweight crop cardigan, brown denim shorts, and gray flat shoes. I also added a leopard print cross body bag, it´s more comfortable for walking.

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