Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Top 5 Summer Esssentials

Summer comes quicker than you think; so while spring is still in full swing, we better talk about summer early. What are your summer essentials? If you´re to pack for a week of summer vacation, what are the five items that you would first put in the suit? If you ask me, here are the five items that I can´t live without in summer.

Cutout Floral Print Dress, $46
A floral print dress. Floral print is first in my list. I need a floral mini dress to wear for a stroll in the city in a warm summer afternoon. I think that it´s an item every girl should have. And since cutout came back as a trend this spring and summer, I would pick this cutout floral print dress from Lulus to pack in my bag.

Strappy Cuffed Thong Sandals, $37
A pair of strappy flat sandals. Because my feet tend too sweat a lot in a very warm day, I can´t wear ballet flats or other types of closed shoes flats for an entire day of walking. That makes strappy flat sandals my go-to shoes because since the toes are open, my feet can breath well keeping them from sweating.

I also like this type of sandal because they´re very versatile. They can be worn with a mini dress, with a maxi dress, with shorts or skirts.

Acid Washed Jeans Shorts, $79
A pair of denim shorts. While I love all types of shorts, denim denim shorts come first in the list. I love that I can create many styles with it. I find them more versatile than dressy shorts.

Seafoam Green Top, $37
A roomy top. I find comfort in a roomy top for a hot summer day. I prefer wearing it over tight tops and tight tank tops. I love teaming it with short shorts and strappy sandals. This look is both cute and comfy.

Gorgeous sunglasses. Not only are sunglasses effective in protecting your eyes from the sun, they also keep the skin around your eyes from wrinkling. Notice that if you don´t wear sunglasses in a sunny day, you wrinkle you eyes to avoid the blinding sun. That really is bad on your skin.

But more than just the protection, sunglasses are also quickly add attitude in a look. They´re your go-to polishing for any summer look.

How about you? What are your top five summer essentials?

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