Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Need Something Moved? Where to Hire a Van

When I came here in Europe middle of 2011, I and my husband moved to a new flat. As a newlywed couple, we had to design our new home, we had to buy new furniture and appliances. Buying brand new furniture and appliances isn´t a problem because they come with free delivery.

Because purchasing brand new furniture, upholstery, and appliances all at once was too much for our budget, we secured the most important things first. We did not buy a sofa immediately. We accepted the slightly-used sofa set from a friend which was given to us as a wedding gift.

The problem was the moving. The set has one really large sofa, one middle size, and a single sitter sofa. We had to hire a van which could move the entire sofa set. Looking for a van to hire wasn´t easy. My husband had to canvass and see which service is the cheapest.

If you need to hire a van, I found an online delivery auction site which offers courier and delivery services. It is called an auction site because if you need to move something, you just have to list your delivery at the site for free. In your list you describe what you´re moving, where and when. You need to specify the date of move but if your date can be flexible, the more quotes you will receive.

Quotes are responses from transport companies who will compete for your job. So as someone who needs to hire a van, you´re in a position to choose which quote sounds reasonable to you and which to accept. Choosing from all the quotes is easy because you can do so without pressure, the transport company is unable to contact you directly unless you have accepted their quote.

I like this van rental service a lot because their listing and auction feature allows you to save money by linking you with vans that are already travelling in a certain direction.

So the next time I need to move something, I know where to go.

photo credit: weheartit

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