Sunday, May 5, 2013

Threeasfour Shocking Colorblocking for Spring/Summer 2013

Threeasfour spring 2013 runway
Ever since colorblocking came as a trend in 2011, I´m a big fan of it because I love bright colors and I like mixing two or three striking colors with one or two neutrals all in a single look. The rule of thumb when it comes to colorblocking is wearing at most three vivid brights at a time and use neutrals to balance the colors.

After the big wave of first colorblocking, three solid separates in a look, many new interpretations arrived. There´s this said new colorblocking when you mix pastels, or when you mix different shades from the same family of colors.

I think that Threeasfour´s idea of colorblocking seen in their spring 2013 runway is mixing shocking colors but from within the same family.

I say it´s shocking because the dresses bear really bright colors with up to eight colors in a single dress. The good thing is there are two or three neutral colors included so it´s still kind of balanced.

I love the dresses and I find them truly creative although I would admit, they´re not for the faint hearted. You gotta have enough confidence to pull off these looks. What do you think?

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