Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2 Super Gorgeous Shoes That I´d Like to Wear This Summer

Summer has finally come to us although there´s still occasional rain. Generally, it´s warm and the sun is mostly out. That signals me to put out all my summer shoes, it´s time for them to accompany me outdoor.

The pavements here in our city are made of uneven bricks. I and my husband spent last Friday afternoon shopping, I wore high heels . For how many times, the heels stuck in between bricks and my husband had to carefully remove them out by hand. I feared that the tip of my heels would be left behind.

An elder man witnessed this incident. While laughing, he advised me to wear thick heels (he must meant wedges) or better yet, flat shoes. I agreed with him.
Bright Cheetah Code flats, $59.99

I do love animal print but I mostly go for neutral shades. Maybe that has to change a bit this summer since I find this neon cheetah lace up shoes really gorgeous. I´ll probably wear them with light washed denim shorts or with a white mini dress.
For a more dressy street look, I´d like to go for this vintage wedged lace up ankle boots.These boots are really a work of art, they´re so fabulous. I imagine wearing it with a beige lace or crochet dress. I´m sure the result will be priceless.

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