Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Digging for More: Owl Accessory

When Burberry introduced owl sweaters last year, it quickly became a trend. It was also during that time when I realized that owls are actually cute. The gorgeous owl sweaters that I introduced at the blogazine were quickly sold out. It´s because while they´re trendy and cute, they weren´t designers, and thus more affordable.

One year later and owl sweaters are no longer a big thing, but I still adore owls. I don´t know if it´s just because of their pair of expressive, big eyes or because by nature, I´m a night owl. Whatever it is, I´m really happy to find three owl pieces that are so fascinating.

Almost a hundred people reviewed this owl bracelet in Amazon and ninety percent of them agreed that it´s a very high quality bracelet not to mention very cute. A leather cuff with Swarovski Crystal Owl, this bracelet is definitely going to be a great addition to your summer wardrobe.
I love the expression of the owl on this bag, plus it´s roomy enough to put your essentials. While the bag is available in three colors, I prefer it in Aqua.

Here´s a really cute purse which is so cute it´s perfect to hold your keys, a lip gloss, your phone, and some coins. Really, it can´t be any cuter. Don´t expect to stash in it your entire world, that´s not what a purse is for.

What do you think of my owl finds? Would you like to have an adorable owl accessory? On my next post I´ll talk about my other finds, owl mugs. 

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