Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Outfit: Laid-Back Saturday Night Ensemble for Meeting Up with the Girls

Last weekend my husband´s female best friend and her best friend (does that sound confusing?) came to visit us. Both girls are based in Köln, a four-hour-travel by train to our city. It was the first time that we got together since I moved here in Germany from Bangkok. It was indeed good to catch up with so many things.

One of the girls has actually visited me in Thailand three years back, she did a tour around the country and whenever she made a stop in Bangkok, she stayed with me. Both have now finished university and they´re now working, good news!

We met for a dinner and then headed later to a bar. It was a laid-back dinner date so I opted for a laid-back outfit too. I dressed up my favorite denim shorts with a white long-sleeved tee, black tights, lace up flat shoes, and a blue jacket. I completed the look with a small leather shoulder bag.

We really had a great time, we called it a night at three in the morning.

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