Thursday, June 6, 2013

Save Bucks By Renting (Not Buying) Books

Did you hear about a family who saved $4,000 a year in school expenses? They were able to save that much money because instead of buying, they rented books. This is even more helpful and effective for parents who choose to home school their kids.

photo credit: susivihn
While it´s easier to just purchase all your children´s books from the bookstore at the start of the school year, in the long run book expenses will accumulate and they´d take a big portion of the family money. Why not take advantage of the many book rental stores that can provide you with all the books you need, or for your kids, for much cheaper prices? This is a proven practical alternative.

Moreover, if you´re a student and you own some textbooks from previous semesters, you can have them rented by other students so you can earn back the money that you spent for them. In the end, you will earn more by having your books rented instead of selling them back through buyback options. This is exactly how Campus Book Rentals operate.

Campus Book Rental came up with this initiative to benefit both the students who wish to offset their book expenses and earn some cash by renting their used books, as well as those who prefer to rent books instead of buying in order to save money.

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