Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Hawaian Outfit I Wore to a Birthday Party

We went to a friend´s birthday party last night, the theme was Hawaiian. We received her invitation card two weeks early but I failed to see the theme which was printed tiny at the back of the card. I thought we could wear anything as long as it´s presentable.

The party was Saturday evening. A night before, my husband had a look of the card to see the address of the venue, he needed to be familiar of it since he´s the one to drive. It was then when he found out about the theme. I panicked, I didn´t have time to prepare for our outfits.

I quickly scanned our closet and I remembered that few days back, we shopped for bright summer outfits for my husband. He got three pairs of colored shorts and a couple of white cotton button downs. I immediately knew the perfect outfit for him - orange shorts, a layered white tee and white cotton sleeves, and browns shoes. He also has an orange garland he got three years back, which is perfect to complete his Hawaiian outfit.

Unfortunately, I forgot that I got a pair of floral pants from last summer. I could have dressed them up for a Hawaiian look too. I went for this dark floral button down instead, and teamed it with white shorts and neutral colored pumps. While my look was not very Hawaiian, at least it´s printed. I put a flower on my hair, I didn´t have a garland. If I do wear one in this photo, it´s because the pals of the birthday girl made me wear it just for the photo. Notice how the garland invaded my entire look, it covered my wavy locks and just didn´t complement my outfit. But anyway!

It´s one of those parties ... when people from different groups were put together in a room? They´ll just stay together and party with their own friends, within their own group. I and my husband were lucky enough that our friends (this elderly couple) stuck with us. At least we got some people to chat with other than ourselves.

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