Thursday, June 6, 2013

What to Wear with Bold Ankle Strap Sandals

I don´t know if you noticed but the classic ankle strap sandals remain the most fashionable and elegant sandals up to date? They´re classic but they remain on trend, always a great choice for modern women.

I love wearing a pair of ankle strap sandals whenever I want a casual smart look, from work to party. Keep your toes clean and those nails polished for a look that really impress.

Here are some gorgeous ways to wear bold, ankle strap sandals.

Ankle Strap Sandals with Crop Jeans

Cropped pants may not be for everyone but if you have long legs, you can try and look great in it. To keep your line long and still have a nice pop of color on your shoes, add a pair of bright ankle strap sandals. The straps are slim and this heels are thin, making your entire silhouette slim.

Ankle Strap Sandal with Slim-fit Striped Jeans
We know that stripe is a big trend for summer. Go for vertical striped pants to to keep up with the trend and at the same time look tall. Complete with black ankle strapped sandals for a few more inches of height extension.

Ankle Strap Sandal with Contrast Panel Pencil Skirt
Work outfits that quickly bring you from desk to party are more versatile and reliable. This contrast panel tweed pencil skirt teamed with sexy, classic ankle strap sandals is a perfect example. Not only is this look totally sexy, it´s also elegant and polished.

What do you think girls? Which outfit would you love to wear with ankle strap sandals this summer?

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