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Top 5 Odd Places For Fashion Shows

Fashion enthusiasts always follow the events of fashion weeks held around the world. However, besides novelties of clothes’ designs, one can really be amazed with the places fashion shows are arranged in. Some really can be underlined as out-of-the ordinary. In sober fact, some designers can surprise both visitors and models with the place of the scheduled fashion show. It cannot but add some spiciness to the event.

London Fashion Week 2013 is likely to keep supremacy among fashion events in the capital of Great Britain this year. But I bet the fashion show in an old church can strike one down. That was an idea of Stella McCartney, who organized her collection release in the church in the prestigious Mayfair district. About 150 famous guests were noticed, among which the event attended Kate Moss and Rihanna. In addition, the show started with dynamic accords of Led Zeppelin track “Immigrant Song”. Stella McCartney in very deed knows how to amaze and to intrigue. The models walked around the tables, while male models appeared to be waiters who escorted them. Do you still remember the scene was arranged in the church? Definitely, an entourage was breathtaking.

In 2008 Carl Lagerfeld found probably the longest podium for his models. In practice, he had chosen Grand Wall of China as a place for the Fendi Fashion Show. 88 models walked in furs and beautiful dresses, made in the style of 1950s, on the podium 1500 miles long. Celebrities also attended the show to support their friend and famous designer. In fact, “grand Chinese podium” attracted Kate Bosworth and Tandy Newton. The catwalk and visitors’ seats were placed right at the top of a sand dune, about the place where the Grand Silk Road started.

In 2005 young German designers arranged an Underground Catwalk in Berlin subway. It was one of the shows during Berlin Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. 17 designers made their models to walk around subway carriages in front of hundreds of “passengers”. It lasted about an hour, crossing the subway Berlin lines without stops. I believe it was pretty insane view! Without any embarrassment models demonstrated rather revealing clothes in Gothic, punk, rock and burlesque styles. It is very unlikely guests remained indifferent.

Speaking of fashion shows in subways, one of the alike events took place in the Ukrainian capital during Obrani brand fashion show 2013. VIP guests were taken to underground area of abandoned Lvivska Brama subway station. It has made a huge resonance in local mass media, as it was something new for Ukrainian audience caught by surprise at the moment. After short party in the Golden Gates, one of the main historic spots in Kyiv, visitors were transported underground by train. The entire subway station, which by the way hasn’t been constructed yet, was decorated with magnets. According to designer’ idea, the adornment should have symbolized the natural magnetism of women.

No less interesting seems fashion show was organized underwater. The very example is 30-day fashion and beauty event in Sydney in 2008. It was called Cosmopolitan Neutrogena Underwater Fashion Show. Organizers placed a water tank 10 meters long, which was used as a podium, in the center of the city at the historic Customs House building. Water was heated to +23 ° C. Viewer could fancy nine volunteer models in stylish outfits, among which well-known Australian TV and music stars ere noticed.

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