Thursday, August 15, 2013

Super Cute Owl Mugs That I´m Loving!

I have a thing for cute mugs. I like mugs with personality. Each of my mugs has her own little story, where I got them and how. each of them has a sentimental value to me.When I had to move to Europe, I was sad because I couldn´t bring with me my mug collection, they were just too heavy and too dainty for a travel across the pacific. I had to leave them behind. Some of those mugs were gifts from my students, some I found in thrift stores, and the others were complementary prices I earned from some work-related activities.

Anyway, a couple of weeks back I blogged about cute owl Accessory, bracelet and handbags. And in that post I promised that the part 2 of that series would be about cute owl mugs ... so here we go!
My husband likes his mugs big. For him, the bigger the better. But I don´t like big, heavy mugs, I like it to be of normal size with average weight. I also like my mug to endure the microwave because when I do my Cacao with milk, I heat it through the micro.

I´ve purchased a cow-print mug when I first came here in Germany but while it looked cute, it isn´t made for heating. Now I think these cute owl mugs are durable enough for heating because they´re not cheap, mind you.

I think what drew me into liking owl mugs are their cute, innocent eyes. Imagine sitting alone in your kitchen, enjoying the silence of the morning, you on your thoughts, and with this pair of large eyes, watching you. Ha,ha!
An this one if the owl mug for winter, for those mornings when a cup of hot drink would surely help you get through the day. I would personally love to have one of each of these mugs, really I do!

But while I still love to dwell more on the thought of gorgeous mugs, I really should be packing my things now for tomorrow´s flight to Thailand. We´re off for a three-week- vacay. I hope to be able to find a time to share our escapades here. 

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