Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Feel Cute In These Cute Sweaters

The title is misleading! No darlings, I haven´t bought these sweaters, not yet. But I found them online today while planning for an article for the blogazine. I think they´re cute, an apricot and a Christmas tree print sweaters. They´re also quite affordable. These are some well-made indie designs and that explains the price.

If you´re lucky, you´ll find exact sweaters at a much lower price at Amazon. It happened to me twice, I thought an item was a steal until I found an exact replica at at the monster store for much more less. The question therefore is, do you have the time to scout?
Apricot Aztec Knit Long Sleeve Cardigan, $33.61
I´d wear this cardigan sweater with washed off denim shorts, black tights, and flat combat boots.
Yellow V Neck Long Sleeve Christmas Tree Pattern Cardigan, $34.10

I´d wear this fun and super cute sweater with dark blue skinny jeans, riding boots, and the two-tome cowl scarf I got from primark. Just divine.

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