Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Challenge of Stubborn Facial Blemishes - Acne on Top of My Nose

Have you ever experienced having a big acne grow on the tip of your nose? I had never ever, well, until last week! It started with that subtle tell-tale, my nose hurt when I touch it, and then a couple of days later, it started to be visible, redesh and swollen.

When it became obvious that it´s going to be a yucky acne, I panicked. Hubby´s birthday was coming, we´re going to dine out at the new (trending) Chinese restaurant in the city, and on the next day we´re going to go to Frankfurt for a day of getting around and shopping. What should I do?

My side view pose was strategic, it´s to hide the blemish just a bit. Oh, and hubby haven´t got a big head, he just leaned closer to the camera phone. lol.

Hubby, a self-professed acne expert, suggested to pick it. He says that it´s the only way to make the acne go away quick. I disagreed, that´s not what my dad had always told me. Growing up, he inculcated in our minds that pimples and acnes are not to be picked, otherwise, they´d leave a hole scar on the face.

But hubby insisted that if I don´t pick it, it will stay for weeks. Oh, what an ugly sight it would be.

I didn´t understand how I got this unwelcome blemish, we didn´t eat a lot of oily foods this past weeks, did we? Oh wait! Hubby rightfully figured where I got it - I literally ate the entire pack of tiny toblerones. I normally don´t eat a lot of sweets, I very rarely indulge on chocolates, but for whatever reason, I had a craving attack this month. Hubby always bought me this double bar snickers on his way home from work these past weeks because he knew it´d make my day. And the the pack of toblerone that he got for himself was quickly gone; nobody could be the culprit but me, we don´t have kids yet who could take the blame. :)

And as if an acne on a very dominant location on my face wasn´t enough, I also got a very odd swelling on my left leg. It´s an acne! A very big one. How odd, I never had pimples or acne on any other places of my body except probably on my back on very rare occurrences. I´m glad it´s fall, I couldn´t wear skirts without tights, and short shorts aren´t even an option. But goodness, I don´t only have a tomato nose, I also got a peanut on my leg.

No anti-pimple cream could help, it´s just too late. So what did I do? I eventually let hubby pick the pimple on my nose, he let the blood and whatever inside it come out. It hurt like hell. But sure, it helped the acne heal quick. I also did not get visible mark from it, not even a hole. I think it´s because the acne was on the nasal bone.

I still don´t recommend picking an acne if it´s located on soft areas of your face such as cheeks and sides of your eyes. You will surely harvest unsightly holes afterwards.

What do you think? Have you ever picked an acne? How do you solve blemish issues if they come very untimely?

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