Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where Can I Sell My Unused Items - Shoes and Clothes - Online

The thing about being a fashion blogger is, your wardrobe gets bigger and bigger at a short span of time, and it´s not stopping, it just grows. Guess what? You even tend to avoid repeating items for a while because you worry, would my readers remember this? You don´t want to come off as someone who repeats her clothes and shoes often because, gulp!, she has a narrow closet. Ahh, how embarrassing.

So this is how a fashion blogger´s closet tend to look like.

photo credit: weheartit

In my case, I arrived here in Europe in 2011 with just a couple of suitcases, all my clothes and shoes in them. I had to leave my entire wardrobe in Bangkok saved the best stuff. Yeah, that´s what love and marriage could do, you relocate and you leave many things behind - friends and closet alike.

But in a matter of two years, it´s shocking how I expanded my wardrobe into three sliding doors, each door has a hanger area and two tall shelves on top. So that gives me three hanger areas and six shelves. My closet literally covers the entire one side of our bedroom and it stands almost reaching the ceiling. I also have an extended five-drawer-stand where I put my accessories, scarves, belts, and under garments. I put the shoes on the floor of the closet but sadly, I currently have no more room. I tried to stash the shoes on top each other, the flat ones, yet my recent fall shoes purchases could no longer fit in.

Have I worn all those clothes and shoes already? The answer is "No." Many of those stuff still have their tag on, and still, I keep adding.

It doesn´t help that I have a husband who spoils, he tends to buy me something almost every weekend.

Recently I did an inventory and tried to look at the practicability of my wardrobe. Many of the things I have were bought for the purpose of photo shoots for my blogazine. But can I really wear them on a daily basis? No! I have many pairs of high heels which I couldn´t wear unless hubby drives me to my destination and I don´t have to walk around. The reason simply is, the pavement here in our city are all made of uneven bricks, so wearing heels around will just ruin the shoes. I love my shoes so much!

What about the clothes? Well, many of my clothes are too fashionable to wear to church, much more to wear walking around our small city on those weekends we spend for our date. So they´re just there in my closet waiting for another year when hopefully my readers have forgotten them and I could do a rework, mixing them with newer pieces.

But is this really practical? Recently, the practicality issue hit me, really big. And I started thinking of selling some of the pieces that I haven´t worn and that I may not wear other than for photo shoot. But where should I sell them?

At Ebay? I know that´s where people usually go to bid for used items. But our eBay here is in Deutsch language, obviously, and I´m afraid I won´t be good in selling my items there because I have a hard time writing in this language. So I looked somewhere else.

I found the, have you heard about it? I looked around the site to see how selling there works and I like what I see. If you decide to sell an item, you simply have to enter what item are you selling for a valuation of its instant price. The best thing about this service is, sending your items is free, they will take charge of the shipment, and you get paid by bank transfer, cheques, in e-vouchers or you can donate to charity!

Hmm, this is something that I seriously consider right now. I´d let you know once I´ve started selling some stuff. I would start with the shoes.

Have you experienced selling used items online? Where do you sell them?

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